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From the Sequoia National Forest of California, check out our latest recipes and thoughts.

 Flavors of the Forest

Take a walk and find something edible. Taste it in a tea. Taste it in a soda. Taste it in a cocktail. ;) Taste it. Check out these tasting ideas. (Read more about our flavors here.)

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Whether it's a forest flavor, a turmeric flavor from India, or grandma's simple salad, these are the most popular posts on our site.

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Waterfall at the Mt Whitney trailhead #18summers
#FlavorsOfTheForest project, tasting a sagebrush soda: "Kids, the flavor of California cowboys!" Kid: "It tastes dirty, like a cowboy." ;)
Son (5) wants to marry a tomato worm. (?) Silence. "Honey, that may be illegal in California." #18summers
He went out this morning to open up the hen house and came back in like this. I just laughed a big…
Yesterday, my dad (75) to my son (5): "I think you may have a seventh sense. It's called 'nonsense.'" ;)
Your new headache remedy and, dude, it involves alcohol ;)