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Crisp Your Salad Greens

Soak Your Salad Greens for a Crisp Salad from Follow Me on Pinterest We all know that unless you pick your greens and place them almost directly into your salad bowl, they will have lost a bit of their natural crispy texture. In fact, I can walk outside in the middle of a hot day to harvest greens and end up with a wilted salad.

Get the crisp back in your greens: Soak them in cold water before using them.

It’s that simple.

Wash your greens as usual (which for us means soaking them as we describe here). Once clean, put them in a bowl and cover them with cold water. Leave them in the bowl for an hour or more, drain the water, dry the leaves, and enjoy your crispy salad. (For best results, grab a basic salad spinner to dry the leaves.)

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