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Pollan Painting #2: Chicken Little at Magic Mountain

The blast-from-the-past Pollan Painting series continues with he release of Michael Pollan’s new book Cooked. From my own little Frederick in 2008, 5 years old at the time, this painting was posted on the Ethicurean back in 2008. (See Pollan Painting #1 — “Children of the Corn.”)

On our recent Pollan Painting weekend, my five-year-old son Frederick and I read with interest about the slaughter technique used at Joel Salatin’s natural poultry operation. Frederick has some personal knowledge of poultry slaughter but was curious about commercial slaughter operations. A Google image search of “chicken slaughter” inspired him to paint this:

Pollan Painting #2: Chicken Little at Magic Mountain from Follow Me on Pinterest

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