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Roasted Green Tomato Canapes

Roasted Green Tomato Canapes at Follow Me on Pinterest This is a real sleeper. I roasted a pan of green tomatoes out of curiosity. There was such a pile of them, wasting a few green toms was no big deal. The experiment was on! The end result was so delightful and tasted most excellent on a cracker with cream cheese and roasted garlic.


  • Crispy whole grain crackers

  • Roasted green tomatoes at room temperature or warmer
  • Softened lebneh (kefir cheese) or creamed cheese
  • Roasted garlic cloves (roast a couple of garlic heads with the tomatoes)
  • Hot sauce of your choice
  • Cilantro leaves or other fresh herb for garnish


  1. Gently spread the cheese on the crackers.

  2. Select a roasted tomato half. Press it gently to flatten and then place on top of the cheese.
  3. Squeeze a roasted garlic clove or two to flatten and place it (them) on top of the tomato.
  4. Drizzle just a bit of hot sauce on top of your cracker creation. Choose a hot sauce mild enough to not overwhelm the other flavors on your cracker.
  5. Garnish each cracker creation with a bit of fresh herb: cilantro, basil, parsley, dill, oregano — any will do. Or make each cracker unique with different herbs.

Roasted Green Tomato Canapes at Follow Me on Pinterest

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