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Sun Dried Tomato & Roasted Red Pepper Deviled Eggs

Sun Dried Tomato Deviled Eggs at Follow Me on Pinterest If you are a deviled egg fan you probably already know how easy they are to dress up with a little extra flavor. This recipe does just that — it uses a classic deviled egg approach but replaces the mayonnaise mixture you add to the yolks with a flavorful dressing blend of dried tomato, roasted red pepper, and garlic. Read our dressing recipe for instructions and proportions and our instructions for sun dried tomatoes.

Deviled Egg Ingredients

  • 12 eggs, slightly aged.

  • 1/4 cup of sun dried tomato dressing.
  • Sprinkle of zaatar (optional, our current favorite spice).
  • Basil for garnish.

Deviled Egg Steps

  1. Fill a soup pot with about two quarts of water, enough to cover all eggs to boil.

  2. Bring water to boil.
  3. Gently lower raw eggs into water. (Day-old extra fresh eggs are more difficult to peel. Use older eggs for best results.)
  4. Cook for about 20 minutes (or the best cooking time for boiled eggs at your altitude).
  5. Pour boiled eggs into colander.
  6. Fill soup pot with cold water and return eggs to cold water. The eggs will peel easier and be easier for you to handle if cooled.

    Sun Dried Tomato Deviled Eggs at Follow Me on Pinterest

  7. Peel eggs.

  8. Rinse eggs to remove any shell residue.
  9. Gently slice each egg in half long-ways.
  10. Spoon out yolk center into small bowl.
  11. Mash yolks with a fork and add the sun dried tomato dressing. Add the dressing a little at a time until it reaches your desired consistency. We like the filling moist but not overly “soupy.” It should have enough body to stay on the egg nicely.
  12. Sprinkle zaatar or your favorite spice on the eggs.
  13. Small basil leaves make an attractive garnish.

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