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Aug 29

Tasting the New “Cotton Candy Grapes” and “Witches Fingers”

By Frederick | Adventures

Editor’s note: This post comes from 11-year-old Frederick about his recent experience with the new boutique grapes “Cotton Candy Grapes” and “Witches Fingers.” These grapes have been developed using plant breeding techniques. They are not genetically modified — they do not combine grapes with actual cotton candy DNA nor with the DNA from pointy fingers. […]

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Jul 15

Blackberry Clafuti

By Frederick | Berries

Editor’s note: This is a post from our youngest writer (11) about his food experiences. We have been eating blackberries off of the vines for three weeks and finally we had enough berries to pick and make something. My grandma found a recipe called “clafuti” that could be made out of any fresh fruit or […]

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