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Apr 10

A stinging nettle soup, full of so much flavor and health, it has changed our lives…

By Jeanie Rose | Nettle

How could anything this healthy be so totally delicious? Nettle soup has a growing fan base across the country and for good reason. Nettle leaf is delicately flavored and cooks to a smooth silky texture. The prickly little needles are completely gone. No other vegetable in our experience provides the texture that nettle does. And […]

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Feb 26

Parsley dressing: Add brightness to your meal, even on a dreary winter day

By Jeanie Rose | Parsley

Even though we are in temperate California, in our gardening zone (zone 7), even with the most careful planning, there are weeks of little very little produce available in the vegetable garden. When you are addicted to bright colors and fresh flavors, this can be quite the downer. The solution: Sauces and dressing, brilliantly colored […]

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