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Apr 26

Dandelion Tea for Fluid Retention, Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, and More!

By Amanda Rose | Dandelion

Springtime now means dandelion tea. It’s springtime for all intents and purposes here in California. We’re recovering from winter around here, trying to get some fresh air and exercise as our bodies adjust to the beginning of the pollen onslaught. A friend asked me about fluid retention — she’s retaining a lot of water right […]

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Apr 25

✅ Elderberry Syrup Recipe to Fight the Flu with Fresh or Dried Elderberries

By Amanda Rose | Elderberry

If you have access to elderberries, fresh or dried, consider making your own elderberry syrup with this elderberry syrup recipe. Use the elderberry syrup in tea, baking, or eat it right off the spoon for some of its immune-boosting properties. (Read more about elderberry syrup and the flu here.) We are lucky enough to have […]

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Apr 21

Nettle for Allergies: Relief That Is So Complete, It May Blow You Away

By Amanda Rose | Nettle

My 10-year-old son has increasing problems with seasonal allergies — we brace ourselves as spring comes with its pollen because this kid really reacts. Last year we kept him comfortable with over-the-counter medications, local honey, regular elderflower tea, lavender oil in a nebulizer/diffuser concoction as he sleeps, and a chest rub of lavender and eucalyptus […]

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Apr 10

A stinging nettle soup, full of so much flavor and health, it has changed our lives…

By Jeanie Rose | Nettle

How could anything this healthy be so totally delicious? Nettle soup has a growing fan base across the country and for good reason. Nettle leaf is delicately flavored and cooks to a smooth silky texture. The prickly little needles are completely gone. No other vegetable in our experience provides the texture that nettle does. And […]

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