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Jan 31

Seven wierd-growing foods you really need to see. (The chocolate pictures are awesomely strange.)

By Amanda Rose | Adventures , Food Flicks , Tidbits

From here in central California, California’s food basket, we have seen lots of food grow and some of it is a delightful surprise and some is simply strange. Mom and I sat over wine one evening discussing the most unusual we have seen in California and in our travels and we present them to you […]

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Jan 17

Found: After only 30 years. Who “loses” these? Apparently we do… (Friday Food Flicks)

By Amanda Rose | Adventures , Food Flicks , The Lost Road

As part of our emerging “Friday Food Flicks” theme, we chronicle our food adventures in our own backyard. The adventures tie into our adventures in the fall of 2009 when one of the coolest things ever happened to us here on the property: We discovered a road that had not seen human traffic in 70 […]

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Nov 03

Pesticide in Produce: Does Organic Matter?

By Amanda Rose | Data Bites , Tidbits

As you bite into a fresh apple, are you getting more than you bargained for? Do apples and other fruits and vegetables actually have pesticide residue? In 2002, researchers examined pesticide residue on common fruits and vegetables comparing conventionally-produced crops to those produced using an integrated pest management system and those that were certified organic […]

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