Century Hike! Celebrating 100 Pounds!

By Amanda Rose | Intermittent Fasting

May 10

And so it is spoken: We’re hiking 100 miles in a “discontinuous, disjointed, discombobulated” trek across the Pacific Northwest and somewhere in Utah, Colorado, Idaho, or Wyoming, wherever the car takes us this year!

The “hike” is in honor of my 100-pound weight loss, a milestone I hit in early March. I’ve lost more than that at this point and hope to lose more, but the goal of the hike is to increase my fitness level and to spend time with my two sons.

Gosh, you guys, they are growing up and I am in a PANIC that I am missing out! We need to GET OUT THERE!!!!

I posted a bit of an emotional video about it on Facebook and, I’m going to admit here too that this really is a very big and emotional thing for me. I’ll just post the video and leave it at that so I don’t blubber on my keyboard.

As for trip logistics, the kids and I talk about the hike in the video below. Alastair and I have some big old reservations about cold and food but, really, face your fears and get it done, right? (I have about 17 base layers for the cold. I will be OK. It really is surprising how warm you stay with a thick layer of body fat…)

I really have a lot of packing and food supply to get this show on the road but, geez, aren’t those kids stinkin’ CUTE???

I mention in the video that I hope to live stream some stuff from our trip and that I have a “surprise.” 🙂 Seriously, it’s next-level and it’s for you guys watching from afar. If I can get a signal, I’ve got some cool stuff to show you.

Update May 11: Some of my ingredient orders were lost in shipping so I may need to scramble on some recipes. (This is a vendor I’ve used for years but have had problems with my last two orders. I found a new vendor but it makes me kind of sad because I was really used to the other one.) In other news, I had a dream that the pants were all lost in the wash save one pair of active wear pants that shrunk and didn’t fit. Apparently, I need therapy of some kind.

Update May 13: Good news/ bad news:

Good news: We’re totally good on the gear.
Bad news: My husband is a hoarder.

Seriously, I’ve been working the list on all this stuff and with pretty much everything my husband has sheepishly offered: “I think we already have that…” Indeed, apparently we could start a retail outlet. He has his own storage area that I do not look at but he has been tattled on and I expect we’re good on the gear. (Begging the question: How did I end up with the 1980s Boy Scout bag? I described that problem in the video. *shaking*my*head*)

I had a dream last night that we were having a party of some sort and people were starting to arrive, some even planning to stay overnight. None of the bathrooms were operational. Clutter was all over the place. (Basically, how the house is in real life.) I was in a panic and woke up all frazzled. A friend says it’s my anxiety over this trip. It might be. I am a little concerned about those 100 miles. I am tooling up for the cold and food issues (as we discuss in the video) but after a walk today I started wondering more about the hiking. I bought some new trail runners. Maybe we should just leave early so I can stop worrying about it. 🙂

Update May 22: Good news/ bad news:

Good news: We’re totally good on “what I’m going to eat.”
Bad news: My husband thinks I am a hoarder.

The rubber hits the road, literally, in about 36 hours and I had to face the hard reality tonight of packing camping food for myself. I have had some on-going concerns about what I am actually going to eat out there. It’s just not practical to lug lettuce and cabbage around on camping trips. I can see some lettuce on Day 1 of various legs but it’s probably not particularly viable to plan for it after that. I had a basic idea of how to handle it but, as I packed, I got concerned that I just wasn’t going to have enough of what I needed. I searched the pantry to no avail. I wandered around outside and had a little light bulb moment and remembered something in the pantry hoard. I’ll show it to you on the trail in a video. It made me excited to eat camp food. I crossed over the hump and I’m ready. The food will be good and you may laugh at what it is and be jealous at the same time. 🙂

The particular exciting item was three years old. The hubs thinks I am a hoarder.

In related news, the hubs admitted that he owns rain pants. Rain pants. He is considering packing rain pants for this trip. He bought the rain pants during California’s historic drought. Who, pray tell, is the bigger hoarder?

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