Choosing A Butternut Squash (Quick Tip)

By Jeanie Rose | Winter Squash

Sep 29

Choosing Butternut Squash Tip at Follow Me on Pinterest Have you joined the growing tribe of folks who love the flavor and texture of roasted butternut squash? It’s sweet, smooth goodness is what many expect to find in a pumpkin and then are disappointed.

If you have become a butternut believer, including it often in your fall and winter meals, you should know this about choosing a butternut in the market.

Quick Tip: Choose butternut squash with a wide neck.

The neck of the butternut squash is solid meat. It makes sense to shop around for those squash with the longest and broadest necks, compared to the rounded bottoms. You may be fortunate enough to find someone selling butternuts that are culled out due to their odd shapes. Still look for the larger necks, smaller bottoms and, save money on these “seconds.”

The seeds are in the bulbous bottom of the vegetable. You will get a little meat from the bottom, but mostly you will get seeds. These are not a total loss:

Choosing Butternut Squash Tip at Follow Me on Pinterest

  • Roast and eat the seeds.
  • Use the seeds, pulp, and skin to make vegetable broth.
  • Send this portion to the chickens or to the compost pile.

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